High quality wear parts

In addition to the production of high quality machines, the fast delivery of highly wear resistant spare parts is an important quality issue. Both the briquetting and shredding machines are designed so that the most important wear parts can be replaced easily and inexpensively. In our large warehouse all common spare parts are in stock.
compacto is specialized in the manufacturing of cutters for classic single shaft shredders. compacto blades are characterized by a special manufacturing process in an electronically controlled special hardening plant.

• Risk reduction of breakages by using special material and adaptation of the hardness level to the customer's material
• Longer lifetime due to optimized hardness of 52-59 HRC
• For shredding materials with metal content a lower hardness level is used
• Perfect fit due to machine processing
• Short delivery times due to high stock levels
• Highest quality at a fair price

The wear of the briquetting presses occurs in the components that directly get into contact with the material. These include the front bush, the press ram, the rear bush and the crimping pliers. The less metal and mineral impurities inside the material, the longer the lifetime of the wear parts.